LMS in Numbers: First $1+ Million NFT Sales Day. 1,5 Million Downloads.

  1. LetMeSpeak learning app: 1.5M downloads, with 1M in the last 4 months
  2. Number of free users (just learning, no earning) has grown 7X in the last 4 months:
  • Monthly Active Users (“MAU”) 69K -> 507K
  • Daily Active Users (“DAU”) 6K -> 53K
Figure 1. LetMeSpeak.org Monthly Active Users have exceeded 500K, and Daily Active Users 50K
Figure 2. Daily Active NFT Users (learning and earning)
  • Initial pre-sale 10K
  • Primary sales (since Public Beta launch) 4K
  • User-minted NFTs (invites, since launch last week) 2K
Figure 3. Cumulative LetMeSpeak NFT Turnover ($)
Figure 4. “Learn-and-Earn” users are commiting 3x more time to learning English than “Free-to-Play” ones
  • 16K NFTs have been bought by 3K accounts.
  • Around 80% of the buyers this week are from Asia.
  • Top 3 regions: Hong Kong, Japan and the US.
Figure 5. NFT Marketplace Sales Breakdown by region ($)
Figure 6. LSTAR in-game Supply and Demand
Figure 7. Daily Volume of LSTARs across Serum DEX and MEXC (USDC equivalent)




🇬🇧 Language learning metaverse https://twitter.com/Letmespeak_org

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🇬🇧 Language learning metaverse https://twitter.com/Letmespeak_org

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