Ultimate vision: Language Learning Metaverse

4 min readDec 12, 2021


Our vision for letmespeak.org

Imagine being paid to learn a foreign language.

With 1.4 billion people worldwide learning English, the social and economic impacts could be enormous. With paid learning, many millions of people could improve their economic and social mobility and earn a meaningful income in the process.

The idea is becoming a reality with the latest technologies and business models. Recent months have seen GameFi enter the mainstream. A fusion of the words ‘game’ and ‘finance’, GameFi — or blockchain gaming — has become one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency sector, by allowing users to earn money while playing online games.

GameFi Play to Earn pioneer, Axie Infinity, has already shown that explosive growth is possible. In 2021 alone, Axie daily users grew from 30k to 2.5M and fully diluted token market capitalization increased from $100M to $30bn, with token trading volume rising from $5M to $500M daily.

Learn to Earn

Combine this rapidly growing Play to Earn concept with foreign language learning — the English language learning industry alone is worth in excess of $60bn a year — and you could have a massive opportunity for new Learn to Earn approaches to transform both EdTech and GameFi sectors.

Welcome to the letmespeak.org “LMS” Metaverse. A place to play, learn English and earn.

We calculate that a family of four could earn $240 a month by spending only 30 minutes a day learning English. With average monthly salaries around $240 in Indonesia or Venezuela, the financial — let alone the educational — impact could be huge.

Just like in the real world, you could make more money in the LMS Metaverse by investing capital. The new paradigm of owning in-game assets and ability to transfer them freely — creates new opportunities. You can buy and hold these NFT-based assets, trade them, or lend them out to generate yield — like any other financial asset.

Our proposition

So how does it work? Join the LMS Metaverse, play English learning games and earn in-game currency as you progress.

Learning is 100% free. Download the app and have a full learning experience.

It’s easy to start making money. Buy your own NFT character and start earning while you learn. Or, just borrow someone else’s NFT and share the gains with the owner without committing your own capital.

Your earnings accumulate in your digital wallet, and can be cashed for real dollars any time. You can also spend the in-game currency on upgrading your existing NFTs, and on creating new ones — improving the gameplay, increasing chances to win in PvP, or boosting earning potential.

The LMS Metaverse is about redistributing value and control from corporate shareholders to users. You can make governance suggestions. Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (“DAO”) will make the decisions. DAO will ultimately control the LMS Treasury, which accumulates revenues from sale of NFTs, in-game currency, and marketplace fees.

The LMS Metaverse is also about giving.

It makes it easy for you to make a difference to the lives of others. Sponsor people — either the ones you know or those in places you care about — to improve their chances in life by learning English. Instant deployment of funds without middle men, and your money begins to work only when someone is learning. You can also track real time how your funds are creating educational and financial outcomes for others. The LMS Metaverse will provide sponsorship itself and will inspire others to do the same.

Letmespeak.org is a metaverse with a purpose. It looks to contribute to three United Nations SDG goals: No Poverty, Quality Education and Reduce Inequalities, as well as partner with like-minded individuals, corporates, governments and charities to amplify social impact.

The team

Behind letmespeak.org is a team of 20+ people with background in EdTech, DeFi and investment banking.

Team’s experience includes 10 years of making language learning apps enjoyed by tens of millions of people, 15 years of investment banking at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, 20 years in philanthropy, 4 years of reinventing business models using blockchain technology.

Our goals

The opportunities for Learn to Earn apps are huge. Our ambitions reflect this. A closed Beta launch of LMS Learn to Earn is already out, with a public release targeted for early 2022. Within the next three years, letmespeak.org expects to reach 1 billion people, 50 million monthly active users, have 100+ million NFTs owned by users, and provide $1bn in sponsorship grants from the LMS Grants Fund.

Learn to Earn is the future. It is a concept tapping into the fast-growing GameFi sector and the strong global appetite for English language learning. By combining the two, letmespeak.org can offer millions of users around the globe better education opportunities and improved incomes.




LetMeSpeak is the first English language learning platform with financial motivation.