Steps towards a long-term sustainable future for LetMeSpeak

  1. Treasury funds will be preserved for ecosystem development and fixed price buyback @ 0.02 USDC will be paused.
  2. $1.2m of funds from the treasury and a share of future NFT sales will be earmarked for the buyback of all LSTARs tokens in circulation.
  • The price of such buyback would be revised from time to time and be approximately equal to Remaining funds earmarked for buyback / (Estimated tokens in circulation + estimated tokens to be issued for learning for existing NFTs)
  • Invites 6%
  • Swap on marketplace LSTAR <> USDC 1.5%
  • Claim of LSTARs 5%, subject to 100 LSTARs minimum for Uncommon and Rare characters, 300 LSTARs minimum for Epic and Legendary one.




🇬🇧 Language learning metaverse

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🇬🇧 Language learning metaverse

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