LetMeSpeak Introduces Interactive AI Dialogues for Spoken English Practice

LetMeSpeak is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation in English language learning — interactive dialogues with an AI bot. These dialogues simulate real-life situations and enable users to practice their spoken English skills in a format that is convenient for them.

2 min readJul 13, 2023

The AI bot is polite and kind, creating a safe and comfortable environment for users to practice their spoken English skills. Users can engage in dynamic and lively speech, allowing them to practice in various situations, some of which may even be unexpected.

LetMeSpeak’s approach is not about memorizing phrases that may not apply in real-life situations. Instead, users are presented with tasks to complete, just like in real life. The AI bot evaluates whether the user has completed the task, providing valuable feedback for learners.

During the development of our new Dialogues, the primary objective revolved around enabling users to practice their language skills in real-life scenarios. Specifically, we sought to recreate the experience of a friend requesting help with an order in a cafe, thereby presenting users with a tangible goal to achieve. AI Dialogues, based on ChatGPT technology simulate authentic dialogues, evaluate your progress, and offer valuable feedback following each conversation.

Rather than practicing solely within the confines of an actual cafe, our innovative AI Dialogs provide the opportunity for unlimited practice sessions, allowing you to enhance your language proficiency and boost your confidence before venturing into real-world settings. These Dialogs accurately replicate genuine conversations, enabling you to make additional inquiries or seek recommendations from virtual barista. This novel approach to language practice fosters a sense of curiosity and engagement, offering a unique avenue for honoring your speaking skills” — said Konstantin Degtiarev, Managing Director of LetMeSpeak.

Join us in embracing this innovative approach to learning English.

LetMeSpeak — the future of English language learning.

The interactive dialogues are available for all users on Web and Android. Will soon be available on iOS.




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