LetMeSpeak and Favela Inc partnership empowers Rocinha community

In the sprawling favela of Rocinha, where poverty and inequality are rampant, LetMeSpeak and Favela Inc have joined forces to create a partnership that empowers individuals with valuable skills and improves their lives.

3 min readMar 28, 2023

The program focuses on providing quality education and training opportunities, with a particular emphasis on women and disadvantaged youth. The impact of this partnership is evident in the remarkable progress of its participants and the wider community.

Yuri, one of the program’s participants, shared how LetMeSpeak transformed his life. It ignited a new passion for living, learning English, and opened up new opportunities. His story is just one example of how LetMeSpeak and Favela Inc have indeed created a ripple effect of positive change in the community.

The LetMeSpeak and Favela Inc partnership’s success is evident in the impressive achievements of its users. They have trained in over 50,000 sessions, improving their pronunciation, listening skills, and memorization of words and grammatical rules. They had access to almost 200 sets of words covering essential topics and more than 60 grammatical rules that help them formulate their thoughts correctly. In recognition of their commitment to self-improvement, LetMeSpeak generously paid $8,200 to reward their hard work and dedication.

The “Learn-and-Earn” model used by the program has proven successful in educating Rocinha residents. One hundred participants have completed the full 90-day training, learning English and earning financial incentives. They outperformed regular users in terms of training completion, session engagement, and earnings potential. After 90 days, participants demonstrated significant improvement in lexical test scores, with 60% of them showing proficiency at an A2 level or higher. The program’s use of financial incentives has proved to be a powerful motivator for students.

Alana is a Favela Inc user whose lifestyle has been transformed by LetMeSpeak’s personalized learning approach and easy-to-use interface. She learned new words with real-life scenarios, practiced grammar through the PvP game, and became more confident and comfortable speaking English. This has opened up new opportunities for her professionally and personally.

LetMeSpeak and Favela Inc’s partnership is a shining example of how education can empower individuals, particularly women and disadvantaged youth, in impoverished communities. The program’s success in Rocinha underscores the importance of providing personalized instruction and financial incentives as powerful motivators for students. As the program grows and develops, it brings about a positive change that spreads throughout the surrounding society. The ripple effect of this initiative inspires other organizations to take similar initiatives in other communities, demonstrating the potential for positive change through education.

In this touching video, Vania shares how LetMeSpeak transformed her life by improving her English language skills. Vania had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but the lack of proficiency in English held her back. LetMeSpeak gave her the confidence she needed to start chasing her dreams while also providing a better life for her daughter Mirela. Vania’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of language learning with financial motivation.

At LetMeSpeak, education is seen as the key to unlocking doors of opportunity, and the partnership with Favela Inc is a powerful example of how education can transform lives and build communities, creating a brighter future for all.

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