Economic model: Learn & Earn

Learn to Earn model

How to Earn

How to Learn and Earn

NFT Characters

LMS Metaverse Visa

LMS Marketplace

  • Explore NFTs for sale, latest deals, overall Economy stats
  • Buy and sell NFTs
  • Claim tokens earned by learning
  • Swap in-game tokens for USDC, Sol
  • Provide and get Scholarships in seconds (Watch early development demo)
  • Manage playable NFTs and create new ones
  • Get info about your history of transactions

In-game token — LStars

LMS governance token & DAO

Social impact

Mass adoption: How To Get There

  • LMS apps are free to use for all learners on iOS, Android and web
  • Start earning with zero capital outlay; NFT Characters prices start from below $100
  • UI/UX is intuitive for people without prior experience in blockchain
  • Low transaction fees and fast settlement of decentralized transactions
  • Scholarship is simple and attractive to use. Take a look at the early development results here
  • LStars are easily convertible into USDC connecting the LMS Metaverse and the real world

Sneak peek into upcoming types of LMS NFTs



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