From Learning to Earning: LetMeSpeak’s In-App Purchase Feature
1 min readMar 20, 2023


LetMeSpeak is an innovative project that combines learning and earning opportunities.

Our main goal is to create an educational service available to everyone interested in learning English.

Feedback from our users shows that people like the teaching methods we use, as well as the graphics and the internal functionality of our product, and want to use LetMeSpeak for learning purposes in the long run. However, many users have needed help purchasing Characters due to technical difficulties or a lack of crypto awareness.

LetMeSpeak focuses on educational impact, and a lot of people want to use it for learning purposes in the long run.

Aiming to stay user-friendly and provide easy access to new users, LetMeSpeak has now made it possible to buy Characters in-app in the Stores.

New users unfamiliar with cryptocurrency will find it easier to purchase their first Character and learn about such possibilities of the crypto world as wallet creation and cryptocurrency conversion into real money.

If you already know about crypto or want to familiarize yourself with the process, we recommend visiting our Marketplace. It offers a broader range of Characters and provides instant access to all transactions after the purchase.

The in-app purchase feature is available on Android and iOS.

You can find more up-to-date information in our whitepaper:



LetMeSpeak is the first English language learning platform with financial motivation.