A new journey is right around the corner: Introducing PvP

From the beginning, our focus has been on creating an engaging way to learn English and motivating people to continue learning new material. LetMeSpeak is constantly looking at ways to enhance the experience of our users through a fun and productive approach.

We introduce you to our new in-game mechanics based on a grammar game — PvP (player versus player). Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

​​Online competition with people from all over the world — a unique opportunity for you to earn unlimited rewards and demonstrate your mastery of English grammar!

Practicing learned material with PvP provides an opportunity to test knowledge and compare your progress with other users. This approach can increase motivation to continue studying and improve the memorization process. Learn more words and win the competition.

What is inside the game?

You will find a city road where grammar exercises will serve as a moped engine.

Collect words into sentences and overtake your competitor in real-time.

How does it work?

From each game we collect a service fee: 10% (previously, 20% was taken in the game for two)

LetMeSpeak is much more than an educational service, it is the first step toward all the new forms of language learning required in the twenty-first century.

The fun of PvP lies in earning awards, perfecting your items and destroying your opponents, but also winning a competition activates the reward centers in your brain and produces a rush of dopamine (the feel-good hormone). Once you experience this rush, you’re motivated to experience it again and again.

PvP game mechanics at the initial stage there will be updates and improvements in the future. LetMeSpeak is in a constant process of growth and development. Our team is evolving an online ecosystem that helps students improve their knowledge in a fun and easy way. Being supported by data-driven methodology our students are motivated to the ongoing educational process. Download our app and get a unique learning and earning experience at the same time.

Available on Android and Web. The PvP game will soon be available on IOS.

You can also find up-to-date information in our whitepaper: https://whitepaper.letmespeak.org/economy/pvp-game



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